Friday, October 23, 2009

This Week in Pictures

I've been MIA lately - I'm SO sorry! I know you have all been holding your breath waiting for me to update you on our crazy lives ;) Unfortunately, typing a meaningful blog post right now would require brain power that I most certainly do not have (Knox had an upset stomach last night, so we were up ALL NIGHT LONG). HOWEVER, the pictures we've taken over the past two weeks are way cuter than any words I can type; so I'll just let you enjoy our little blessing via photos instead! We've had lots and lots of wonderful visitors; we've cheered the Vols on to a victory; and we've even ventured out a few times to the pumpkin patch (which was closed when we got there) and to our Ballbuster softball game. We LOVE showing him off! Enjoy - more to come later, promise!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Quick picture

Once we get on a regular sleeping pattern, I will get back to regularly posting blog updates...don't hold your breath for that ;)

In the mean time, our sweet photographer friend stopped by yesterday to meet Knox. He was so well-behaved until it was time to snap a few pics. Then he screamed and screamed and screamed. He was just a little hungry! But being the fabulous professional she is, she STILL managed to capture a beautiful shot of my beautiful guy. (You're not supposed to call boys beautiful, huh?? Oh well - he's beautiful to me!) Thanks, AW, for coming by and for letting us share this sweet picture. More updates and pictures soon...I promise!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Our Boy is here. AQUI!!!!!!

He's Here. All the months, all the wondering, all the waiting and curiosity of what our son is going to look like, what he will do when he gets here, WHAT THE HECK WE WILL DO WHEN HE GETS HERE. Well, he's here, he's beautiful, healthy (so is mom) and he's a really well behaved boy.

It's true what our parents always said "you don't realize how much you can love someone until you have your own child". Well moms and dads everywhere, you are 1million percent correct. I'm not a blogger (daddy Kurt is writing this, not momma Jill who is presently nursing Knox), so i'll stop and let the world see the best boy God could have given anyone.

PS. Yes, we are officially calling him Knox, but Toliver Knox and Burrito will never be too far away.

Enjoy our awesome day and Knox.