Friday, August 28, 2009

Rite of Passage

We're getting old. It's official. We are being forced into adulthood, kicking and screaming. Not only are our bodies telling us that - gray hair, wrinkles between my eyes, etc. - but now actual actions are making us seem old. For one, getting married and having a baby both seem like "adult" things to do. And now, as of yesterday at 3:00 pm...well, we're officially HOMEOWNERS! If that doesn't scream "adult", I don't know what does!

The house-hunting, the offering process, the contract process, all of it has proven to be a long, emotional process; but the fact that it has now come to a close, our names are on the dotted line, we are overjoyed! We can't wait to get in the house and make it ours - our first home. Wow - just saying those words ("our first home") carries such a huge weight, but in such a good way. Burrito will finally have a nursery - yay!

Here's a picture of our house - come visit any time! We LOVE visitors!!!

Thanks for sharing in our many joys this year - the house being one of many!
Love you all,

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Crystal's Wedding & Brentwood Girls Baby Shower

This past weekend, Kurt and I made a quick trip up to Nashville. Originally, my plan was to fly into town and drive back to Birmingham with a moving truck full of some of my mom's beautiful dining room furniture that she's donating to our new house. Long story short, our closing date was postponed (we thought the deal was going to fall through - be expecting a post later this week with more details and *hopefully* good news!). So rather than driving up by myself, Kurt graciously agreed to drive with me. This late in the pregnancy, we adopted a "better-to-be-safe-than-sorry" attitude just in case! How horrible if something happened while I was driving by myself?! Not cool to even think about. So, we got to spend some good quality time with Mimz, go to Crystal and Larry's beautiful wedding, and be the guest of honor at another fantastic baby shower. (Have I mentioned how amazingly blessed I am to have such beautiful and giving friends?!)

Here are a few photos from the weekend...enjoy!

I stole this one from Hillary cause it made me laugh - Kurt and me having fun at Crystal and Larry's reception.

With the beautiful bride, Crystal, and the gorgeous bridesmaid, Kim.

My wedding date. Hey hottie!! :)

Three of my very best friends in the world - Samantha, Hillary and Jenn - outside of the wedding reception at the War Memorial in downtown Nashville.

The amazing Hillary flew all the way into town from Florida for my baby shower she helped host!

BEWARE: *Plug* Homestyle Bakery bakes some ADORABLE and tasty cakes! Thanks Allison!!!

Opening the beautiful bib from Hosea. Thanks, Hosea!! (Sheesh, I look like a big blob!)

Allison and Mrs. Massengill holding her granddaughter, Callie - one of Burrito's future girlfriends.

The one and only beautiful, funny, and adorable Evelyn Grace Elkins. She's Burrito's future wife, my future daughter-in-law! (Don't you love my planning?!)

The hostess with the mostess, Mrs. Allison Meadows, cutting the yummy-in-my-tummy cake.

Laney! She is Samantha's niece. Absolutely precious! I loved that so many kiddos were there - took the spotlight off me...whew!

Lindsey, Hosea and MET - oops, I mean MEV (the new Mrs. Vitucci!). Love you girls - made my day that y'all were there!

Thank you to Amy, Allison, Anna Clare, Caitlin, Hillary, Jenn, Jordan, Kim and Samantha for hosting a beautiful and fun shower. I love you girls. Thank you for years of friendship and blessings. Looking forward to SO many more!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Nana!

We love you and pray for the happiest of all birthdays! See you again soon!!

All our love! Kurt, Jill, Rosie and Toliver Knox :)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Ya-Ya Baby Shower Weekend

A couple weekends ago, my mom's best friends (the "Ya-Ya's") threw me a beautiful baby shower at Boxwood Bistro, a cute restaurant in the Factory at Franklin. These women, who are all like second moms to me, went above and beyond my wildest dreams for a baby shower - the decorations were adorable, the food (brunch - my favorite!!!) was incredible, and the gifts were extravagant. To say we got more than we needed is an understatement; but we are truly, truly grateful! Toliver Knox will be so excited!!

Here are a few pictures from the shower and from the weekend. It was unforgettable!

This is just an example of the precious decor of the shower - blue baby stuff everywhere!

By far the best part of the weekend was the people in attendance. BOTH of my sisters came into town...I was overjoyed, but my mom (Mimz) was ECSTATIC! Aunt Jackie and Aunt Jennifer - thank you for loving me so well!!

And 'Berta came! How I love her?! Nana, me and Mom-Mom - happy grandmas-to-be!

If you know me at all, you know how very much I adore my Aunt Mel. She truly is the most giving, selfless, loving, and understanding woman on the planet. For her to be there with us that weekend made it complete! I love her and her family (Uncle Buck, Jarrett, Ethan & Lucy) as if they were my own mom, dad, brother, niece, and nephew. if having all of my own family in town wasn't enough - I was DOUBLY blessed to have all of Kurt's family there, too! This group of ladies are some of the most God-loving women I have ever met. I have MUCH to learn from them, and I am so excited to call them my own family soon, too! Nani is on the left - she is Kurt's grandma - truly a fantastic woman. Then Arminda - we share a birthday! Asheley is Kurt's cousin, Allen's wife - she's a trooper and has come to not one, but TWO of my baby showers now (Thanks Asheley!!) And Aunt Suzanne is on the right - she is a true example of strength and resilience.

But most of all, I owe all of my thanks to these beautiful women above. Mrs. Purcell, Mrs. Bartley, Mrs. Arevalos (Gail and Mrs. Portacci - who were unable to attend) - I thank you for not only throwing me a lovely baby shower (which I LOVED!); but I thank you for loving my mom so well. She would not be the woman of strength she is today without your love and support over the past few years. I am eternally grateful to you all for that!

A DIAPER CAKE! I love it!!
Showing 'Berta the diaper cake - complete with baby wash, lotion, and other fantastic goodies!

Austin was by far the star of the shower - Krista, Mrs. Arevalos's daughter, brought her son along...and gave me a TON of his hand-me-downs. I have seen pictures of Austin growing up the past few months, and I seriously hope Toliver Knox looks like him - he's the cutest kid I have ever, ever seen!!!

GO VOLS! (Somehow, I think this was more for Kurt than me or Burrito!)

Thanks, Mom-Mom, for my favorite outfit by far! "Future #1 Draft Pick" - heck yea! (Doesn't Knox Thomas just sound like the perfect pro athlete name??!)

A wrap-up to a perfect weekend - pizza, cupcakes, and wine (well, water for me) with my favorite ladies in the world!