Monday, September 20, 2010

I need help...

No! Not that kind of help....although some may disagree ;)

I need help with two things:

(1) Does anyone have recommendations for wedding dress shopping in Atlanta? My friend here in Birmingham recently got engaged - yay!!! We spent all weekend with her mom shopping around here, but we struck out. Any suggestions are welcome for our upcoming trip!!

(2) Knox's first birthday is quickly approaching (yikes!!!!); and with our newfound knowledge regarding his peanut allergy, I've learned that I can't buy baked goods from stores. Any place that cooks with nuts is off limits for his diet - this now includes Chick-Fil-A since they fry everything in peanut oil. (Have I mentioned how much I HATE this allergy business?!) So, I'm looking for a really tasty, nut free, allergy friendly birthday cake recipe. Anyone have ideas??

On the same note as the birthday cake thing...I guess I really do have a third thing I need help with: I have become obsessed with reading about allergies, toddler diets, etc. It is NOT helping things. It just increases my fear of what could happen to Knox and causes me to be ultra-overprotective and a psychotic mother (see cartoon above). Please pray for us - that I will not live in fear, that we will be patient as we explore this new diet, and that we will boldly believe that God CAN heal this allergy later in his life.

And just to persuade you for prayers...look at this little face:

How could you not pray for him?! :)


  1. OK, I'm going to need to play with him ASAP. He is so stinking cute and I can't believe he is about to be ONE!!! Where has the last year gone?? Oh, and I got my wedding dress in Atlanta, but can't remember the name of the place! I will think about it and let you know!!

  2. I have used a banana cupcake recipe from for my son's last two birthdays. He does not have food allergies, but has friends with them. Everyone, adults included, love this recipe just make sure and check all those ingredient labels (which I know you already do).

    Also, my BFF's daughter has had multiple food allergies and is now down to tree nuts. Check her blog for some websites that she loves.

    Best wishes!

  3. Hey! You should talk to Meredith Nix, she probably has lots of diet/allergy info!
    Sweet little knox! So cute.
    Oh and as for the dress thing... we found mine at the white room here, but if I would have made it to atlanta I wanted to try Pricilla of Boston?
    and bella bridesmaids has great shower/party dresses and they are so sweet and helpful. (the one here anyway)

  4. Bridals by Lori is the nice one here in ATL that is currently on the Say Yes to the dress-Atlanta show.

  5. You might enjoy my website, and my free monthly newsletter. My 14 year old son, Morgan, writes a column sharing what it's like to live with multiple life threatening food allergies and living life to the fullest!

    Nicole Smith