Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Did someone say "free?"

THAT GUY will run for three things:

(1) Good food

(2) Good beer

(3) And free stuff!

So when I read about Shutterfly GIVING AWAY FREE CHRISTMAS GREETINGS? You better believe I told him about it right away.

The bonus is two-fold:

(1) I get to send out adorable greetings to friends and family we rarely get to see!


(2) I get MAJOR bonus points with the hubs for not spending lots of moolah!

Wife. Win.


Now, I have used Shutterfly for a lot of things over the years. They always have great customer service; their website is super easy to navigate; and their products are always of great quality.

The grandparents all received photobooks last year for Christmas...and guess what? For the rest of my life, I am obligated to get them one every single year. Seriously, it was the highlight of their lives...seriously.
They've even got lots of cute new designs for this year's gifts: http://www.shutterfly.com/photo-books

Shhh, don't tell them though - it's a surprise!

Also, Kurt's dad, Tol, always gets a calendar for Christmas from us. Usually it's a Far Side calendar; but I'm pretty sure he'd prefer one of these with Knox's sweet face on it:



Oh, and we're hosting the UAB Blazers Track & Field and Cross Country Christmas Party again this year...how cute would these invites be?!



And, finally, my favorite part - OUR CHRISTMAS CARDS! Which should I get??





I like the ones with lots of pictures...because, well, let's face it: I have a cute kid who gets LOTS OF PICTURES taken of him :)

I'M PUMPED! Thanks, Shutterfly! This promotion finally got me in the Christmas Spirit!!

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