Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Knox's First Haircut

I have been saying it since SEPTEMBER. "Knox must get a haircut soon. He has a mullet!" Seriously, we live in Alabama; the kid HATES shoes; and his hear was short in the front, long in the back. We did NOT need to perpetuate the redneck cycle any longer :) So, just last week during Spring Break, we took him to Sports Clips where we were sure all the TVs with basketball games on them would be enough to distract him from the shears near his head.

He actually did really well! The pictures show him cringing; but he never once cried, and he sat relatively still for the lady. It takes a special person to want to cut toddlers' hair! Here's the best picture I can find of the back of his head - notice, NO MORE MULLET!


  1. Awe......I miss the mullett....NOT!! He is so handsome! Just like his daddy...thanks for a great posting, Jill. I miss you all soooo much!