Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Blessing of Friends

We have been blown away this week by the blessing of a particular friend! Our sweet, sweet friend Jordan has graciously taken on the role of Knox's "day care" for the week, and we could NOT be more thankful. After a rough three weeks at a local day care which resulted in an upper-respiratory flu for Knox, the outbreak of hand-foot-and-mouth disease, and a wicked stomach bug that knocked me out for days, Kurt and I couldn't stand the thought of sending him back there one more day. Don't get me wrong - the ladies taking care of Knox were wonderful, and the fact that they allowed us to enroll Knox for an emergency short-term stay was an answered prayer - BUT, there's something much more comforting about a dear friend keeping him at her clean, germ-free home. And let me tell you, Knox has been LOVING IT! When I would walk into the day care to pick him up each afternoon, he would see me and immediately bawl. When I go to Jordan's each afternoon, he almost doesn't care to see me. As much as that should hurt my feelings, it makes me feel SO much better knowing that he is obviously taken care of and clearly having a blast!

And the best part is, Jordan sends me pictures from her iPhone throughout the day letting me know what they've been doing - how awesome is she?! Here's a sneak peek:

This picture cracks me up! She's got all three kiddos packed into that car, and don't they look like they're loving it!!!

I just know these two must love hanging together - two sweet little boys!

As Eric said, these two are bound to be "partners in crime" one day. Jordan and I NEVER did anything bad when we were in high school ;)

How fun is Jordan taking the kids to the mall carousel?! Love it!!

All this fun has worn him out apparently!

And tomorrow, she has a fun day at the zoo planned for them. Can you imagine little Jordan with three wild kids at the zoo? Say extra prayers for her if you think of it :)

Being that Kurt and I don't have any family here in Birmingham, we often have to rely on friends for help...and Jordan and her sweet family are truly like family in that way - ALWAYS willing and offering help. SO thankful for Team Elkins!!!


  1. Jill! That just made me cry! Knox is the SWEETEST child ever!!! WAY easier than my own two kids...ha!!! He is a joy to be around and I have loved every minute of it!!

  2. Nana is breathing a big sigh of relief and is equally grateful for Jordan and family. So happy to see the fun pics of Knox, Evie and Bennett so obviously having a great time. There's nothing like being in a warm, loving, CLEAN home environment! Thanks for the great blog entry, Jill, and for having such willing, helpful friends.