Monday, February 6, 2012

Long time no post

So Jill and I haven't posted a blog in a really long time. Life makes you busy and some things just slip through the cracks. We like it when other people post blogs so we can read/look up on what everyone else is doing, but don't want to take the time to do it ourselves.

Jill has been busy teaching 9th English at Hoover HS. She was a bouncer at the Sadie Hawkins dance last Friday, so be very jealous of that. It's indoor track season, so i'm crazy busy as well. We get to host meets now that the City of Birmingham built an amazing $48 million indoor track facility about 20 blocks from my office. I have taken full advantage and have hosted/am hosting 5 indoor track meets this year. We just got back from a big meet at Notre Dame this past weekend (where the Lady Blazers did awesome), so needless to say, i've been busy too.

Now what people really want to hear/read about...Knox and Lucas. Knox and Lucas are doing amazing. I know people write that everything is great, and the kids are awesome, but honestly, sometimes i think they're lying. Not here. Knox loves his school and has a little girlfriend named London. He is getting really good at counting to 15, naming all his letters, and colors. He doesn't forget a thing, ever. Jill drove past UAB Hospital where Lucas was born last week, and Knox said "Mommy, Knox, Dada get Cucas". Somehow he knew that's where we got "Cucas". Crazy. Knox is a great mimic. He mimics everything I do (not always good), and is really good at imitating songs and sounds. So maybe he'll make millions of dollars doing that for the rest of his life. Lucas is such a happy, fat little boy. He's 6 months old now, and smiles and laughs all the time. When he's not smiling or laughing, he's very content and chill. That happiest thing Jill and I can ask for at this point, is that they love each other, and boy do they. Knox loves tickling Lucas and playing around him, and nothing on Earth makes Lucas more happy or laugh harder than Knox. It's great.

Like I said, LIFE in general has kept us more busy that we could possbily imagine, but we are so happy, we wouldn't change anything. BUT, Jill is looking forward to a Spring Break in another month, and longer days. We'll both be ready for Summer. By that point Knox will be driving and Lucas his partner in crime. Can't wait.

I'm writing this from my work computer, so I don't really have any pictures on here, so i'm just posting a few of the things I have. Enjoy.

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