Saturday, April 18, 2009

Official Welcome!

As you may have noticed, from the gentle (ha!) persuasion of a dear friend of mine, I decided to start a blog about how our pregnancy is progressing, complete with pictures, updates, etc. Our hope is that this will become a quick and easy place for all of the people we love so much to come and keep up-to-date on our daily lives while eagerly anticipating our sweet baby.

Some upcoming milestones:
  • May 4th is our next appointment with Dr. Hoover
  • May 26th is the ultrasound to find out if it's a boy or a girl
  • And in June (possibly the 14th), our awesome friends are throwing us a co-ed baby shower/crawfish boil (how fun will that be!)
We have so much to do in preparation for Burrito's arrival, but as I've told some of you before, I think the Lord has blessed me with a whole new personality over the past few months - rather than being anxious and constantly worried (like I normally tend to be), I am cool, calm and collected, resting in the comfort that our understanding and protective Father has walked this path before us and will provide for and protect us.

We love each of you so very much and are so excited to share with you this blessed journey of ours. Feel free to come visit, call, text, email, send smoke signals, etc. anytime! :) I will add some recent belly pics and ultrasound pics later today when I find the cord to the camera...pregnancy brain - ugh!

P.S. Didn't Allison do an amazing job of getting my blog started with some pictures she had on her camera and making the background all pretty?? She's pretty awesome!

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  1. Bienvenido mi querido angelito! Welcome my beloved angel! I am your "Nana"-(berta) Kurt's mom from Pagosa Springs, Colorado via New Mexico. I could not be more excited and happy to finally have a grandchild on the way. My biological clock was ticking......I'm reserving the right to be the most obnoxiously proud, bragging grandmother ever. I know Jill and Kurt will be terrific parents--judging from the great job they've done with Rosie. Thank you both for wanting loved ones-family to be so involved in Burrito Cannoli's life. I only hope the name doesn't stick!
    Much love and hugs.......con carino y muchos abrazos!