Monday, June 29, 2009

More updates...

While I'm being productive in the world of blogs, I figured I'd go ahead and update you all on everything else happening in our lives lately.

Let's see - where to begin!

Back on June 6th, I was driving up to Nashville for my sweet friend Caitlin's bridal shower when I was involved in a pretty nasty multi-vehicle accident on I-65 in Cullman. Needless to say, I was panicked - not because I was injured (I only had some minor soreness in my neck, back, and head), but because I was freaking out that something happened to Burrito. The ambulance immediately took me to Cullman Regional Medical Center where I was admitted for fetal monitoring. They did heart rate tests on both the baby and me; they did an ultrasound to make sure there was no placental abruption; and then they hooked me up to a fetal monitoring system for hours to make sure the baby wasn't in any distress. The accident occurred at 9:15 that morning, and I didn't get released until after 6:00 pm. My mom and Kurt, of course, broke land-speed records and were both in Cullman in record time. I don't know what I would have done without either one of them - they helped keep me sane that day especially since the pregnant lady couldn't eat! That was TORTURE. But, the good news is that both me and Burrito checked out a-OK. My car, however, is a different story. It was declared a "total loss". Of course - I just paid that puppy off, and now we have to find something new. So, the past few weeks have been dominated by car shopping.

On top of car shopping, we have also been house hunting. It's SO exciting to look at everything in Vestavia and Homewood - our ideal locations. But, it's also SO stressful - there are so many things to consider: price, location, size, school systems, etc. etc. etc. Plus, my job situation is extremely unclear after August; so the thought of a mortgage on Kurt's salary alone is frightening. But we're trying to fully rely on God's provision for our lives and taking things slowly, deliberately, and prayerfully. We put our first offer down on a house last week, but it didn't pan out. That's OK - we're going to keep looking and keep praying!

I had another FANTASTIC baby shower on June 14th. It was a crawfish boil with tons of our friends and family from around Birmingham, Knoxville, and even Dallas and Albuquerque. We had such an amazing time with everyone. We really do have the most amazing friends in the world. Thank you, in particular, to Will & Erin for hosting the shower, as well as to Teri and Amanda for cooking some FABULOUS food! I don't have any pictures from that shower on my camera, but I'll get some soon and post them on here :)

Other than all of those fun (& scary) things in the past month, the only other thing that's going on is me getting fatter, and fatter, and fatter. I have a big ole belly - just in time for the beach! My sexy maternity bathing suits will surely attract some attention! I'll definitely be sure to update the blog with pictures from our trip as soon as we get back.

Off to another appointment with Dr. Hoover this afternoon - I love going to see her and hearing Burrito's heartbeat. BUT, I dread being weighed. Ugh!

'Til next time!

We love you all,
Kurt, Jill, Burrito & Rosie :)

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