Wednesday, July 1, 2009

30 Years!

That's right...that's the number of years that Burrito's daddy has been alive TODAY! I can honestly say that my life is more blessed and more filled with laughter and love because of him. I am SO excited to celebrate his birthday today, and for many, many more years to come...although, I'm sure he'd rather not have to add too many more years to that number. He says he's celebrating his 25th birthday...again!

For his birthday present, I have decided to give him naming rights for Burrito. That's right - I'm THAT nice! So stay tuned...maybe later today, we'll be able to announce Burrito's REAL name!!!!

Happy, happy, happy birthday, Kurt! You are loved!!!


  1. Happy birthday Kurt!!! I hope it's great. I have a feeling about what the name will be now that Kurt's in charge! I love my freakishly tan friends!

    Aunt Samantha

  2. Yay!! Happy Birthday Kurt! Don't worry....we are all getting close to the 30 mark. Won't be too much longer! Y'all have fun celebrating!

  3. I have a friend who is celebrating his 9th anniversary of his 21st birthday bash ...

  4. I agree, Jill. My life has been blessed with 30 years of love and laughter since giving birth to Kurt. Let's see, if I was 10 years old when he was born that would make me 40. That's about right!