Friday, September 18, 2009

Suggestions wanted!

Is this rain driving any one else mad?? The worst part is that there is NO. END. IN. SIGHT. Ugh! I'm trying to be optimistic...the more rain we get, the prettier the Fall and changing leaves will be, right?? :)

So, as I get closer and closer to "D-Day" (delivery day - yikes!), my mind has been occupied with getting every little last detail prepared - everything from washing the baby clothes so Burrito won't leave the hospital nekkid, to getting the nursery ready, to buying extra sheets for the pack n' play, to packing up our bag for the hospital, etc. etc. etc. My to-do list actually intimidates me.

One of the things we've learned throughout our childbirth classes is that it's good to have some of the comforts of home at the hospital with you - like your own pillow, some photos of family members, etc. (I already have my picture of Rosie picked out!) They say that it helps you to be distracted from the pain you'll undoubtedly be in. One of my all-time favorite distractions is music - I'm working on a play list on my computer and iPod specifically for the hospital. I prefer music I know the words to so I can focus on that rather than other things; but I also want lots of chill music and worship/praise music.

So....send me your suggestions! Any artist or song you think would be appropriate? Send it my way! They say labor can last as long as 24-48 hours, so the more suggestions you have, the better!

Here's the beautiful pic of Rosie that will be accompanying me to the hospital. Staring at her sweet face will totally help, don't you think?!


  1. Baby of Mine - Allison Krause
    Arms Wide Open - Creed
    Blessed - Elton John
    I Knew I Loved You - Savage Garden
    Baby Love - The Supremes
    I Will Survive - Gloria Gainer
    Survivor - Destiny's Child

    That's all that's coming to me...but also, don't worry about having everything done! I had NOTHING done when Katie arrived, and we have managed perfectly! Try to relax and enjoy the time left just the 2 of you--things are about to get (wonderfully!) crazy!

  2. I say anything Harry Connick Jr because his voice is so soothing. Try "Songs I Heard" because it is all classic children's songs he sings, so you know the words to them but they're sung by that sexy voice!