Sunday, March 14, 2010

March - Day Light Savings Time - YEAH!!

Knox's daddy doesn't get to write this blog very often, so I really get stoked when I get the chance to post a blog and re-tell from my perspective. Here is the past few weeks: Da, Da, DAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm watching you fool!!

I got this stuff!

Everyone sleeps like this, right?

Naked in the mountains is how my family wanted it.


My best bud and the reason why we were in Knoxville married, Carrie Luck, then Carrie Luck Ezell (above). Congratulations Carrie and Jayson. I would not have missed it. Me and Don with Carrie.

Ezell with hair kinda creeped me out, but he's a hair dresser, so I don't question him.

Three great guys, and GO VOLS!!

Thomas family in the Smokey Mountains

Great Smokey Mountains in the background

Re-Lounging with daddy

Nekid be the best

I love my hat

Don't mess with me, I dig my hat

Me and my mom-mom and her cool hat. She looks cool. WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll eat when I want to. I'll eat anything. I'm Toliver Knox Thomas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trying to grab the bottle by myself


We had a great lunch at Rojo with mom-mom, and I loved my Chipotle milk!


  1. i dig the hat too!
    i have never seen 2 boys more excited to have their shirts off!
    cute family pics! love the one in the mountains.

  2. Ditto everything Allison said..........
    I love my boys and the wonderful woman
    who puts up with them and takes such good care of them!

  3. Two great faces in "nekid be the best" pic. Hats look cool, too...both Knoxy and Mom-mom!