Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Moo Moo Mr. Cow-Cow

We got the chance to head up to Knoxville this past weekend to visit Kurt's family and friends. Kurt spent most of his time recruiting at a local track meet; and Knox and I got to spend some much needed quality time with Uncle David (Knox's godfather) and Nanni (Knox's great-grandmother). Uncle David is in the animal pharmaceutical industry, and he has always loved cows. In fact, he rents several acres of a farm in Oak Ridge and owns 10 of his own cows. So, of course, Knox needed to meet them!!

Of course, he loved every second of it! The boy loves to be outside, and the "moo-ing" of the cows made him laugh hysterically!

We left Rosie at Mom-Mom's house for the weekend, so we drove back through Nashville on our way home to pick her up. After petting the cows, I felt like Knox needed a thorough deep clean. This kid is a monkey and absolutely LOVES bath time!

One day, he's going to hate me for posting pictures of his little wee-wee...and he'll hate me for calling it "little". Sorry buddy!!

Also, as most of you know, my brother-in-law, Kyle, was recently deployed. We are in the process of making him a care package which will include a picture of his nephew proudly wearing his "mini-marine" shirt!

And, finally, in other Knox-related news, he is officially 9-months as of the 5th of July; and I must say that this past month, he has grown up and changed the most dramatically of all the months of his life! He went very quickly from scooting, to army crawling, to crawling, to standing up, to cruising. Maybe I was misinformed, but I could have sworn each of those milestones happened in gradual phases? Not with this kid! As soon as he discovered his new found independence, he has not stopped moving! We are also in the process of learning to drink out of a sippy cup. For some reason, this transition has not been as easy...but he'll learn eventually.

He is always smiling! Knox now weighs 20lbs. 6 oz. (50th percentile); he is 27.5" long (25th-50th percentile); and his head is 18" (50th percentile). Even though he is almost perfectly average (albeit a little short and round...just like his momma), people still stop me all the time to tell me how huge he is for a 9 month old! Why it bothers me, I'll never be able to explain!

That's pretty much it for the Thomas house! Oh, we have FINALLY started to paint! My mom was tired of hearing me complain about how much I hate (and I mean hate with a fiery, burning passion) the green the previous owners painted the living room, dining room, hallway, AND master she went out and purchased 3 gallons of Benjamin Moore paint for us over the weekend! We have pretty much finished the study/Knox's play room - it's now Hawthorne Yellow (I fell in love with it in one of the latest Pottery Barn catalogs...very bright and cheery). And we're going with a color called Grege Avenue for the living/dining room (I'm hoping for a neutral gray/brown shade). I hope I like it because my sweet mom already spent a small fortune on it! Maybe, if I'm brave enough for the feedback, I'll post before and after pictures soon.

'Til next time!


  1. Knox is darling as always!!! I can't wait to see the paint job on Friday too, so get busy and try to be finished by the time I get there. ;)


  2. The transition from bottle to sippy was hard with Caleb. I had to take the leak stopper out for the first few days so that he would realize the "goods" were in there. lol Knox is adorable as always! Love the picture of him on the cow. =)