Monday, October 18, 2010


Well, he actually turned one almost two weeks ago...but this momma has been BUSY! Apologies for not properly updating the blog on time :)

I have to admit - I spent most of the day of his birthday rather sad. I simply CANNOT believe my baby is not quite a baby anymore. He is growing like a little weed and changing daily. He is no longer an infant. And even though it has been a year, I swear it felt like a day. Am I crazy? Perhaps. But, man. Soon enough, he'll be getting a driver's license, going off to college, getting married, and having kiddos of his own. NO! I just wish he would stay little forever.

OK, enough of my lamenting. Even though I was a tidge sad, I was mostly overjoyed at getting to celebrate this sweet little man. I love birthdays (except my own...), so getting to plan and celebrate my own son was something I could not wait to do! We had a small gathering of friends over for Knox's monkey themed party. I think he had a blast! And as some of our friends will attest, Knox on sugar is HY-STER-I-CAL! I think he enjoyed his cake, as you will soon see the evidence. On a side note, I have a huge new found respect for bakeries and cake decorators. Because of Knox's allergy, I couldn't just buy his cake from a bakery. I went to ole Google and searched for "easy monkey cakes". I found the EASIEST one and still found it difficult! Luckily, Knox isn't too judgemental so he loved it!

Knox's girlfriend, Evey, also came to celebrate. The party truly would not have been as great without her. She has the BEST personality, and I just love how much she loves Knox. She is one precious little girl!

So, he wasn't too sure about the cake at first. And I'm sure all the fuss we were making wasn't helping things either...

But, with Evey's help, Knox started to love it!!

LOOK AT THIS FACE! Too cute it hurts...

I'm saving these pictures for when these two get married one cute will that be?!

This picture cracks me up, too - check out Knox's face. Yes, that is what sugar does to a one-year-old!

Such a little redneck with camo pants and no shirt on!

We had SO much fun celebrating Knox's birthday! We can't wait to do it every year!!!


  1. that first cake is SO EXCITING! happy momiversary to you and dadiversary to kurt... that baby is so adorable I might just follow through with my earlier plans to take him home with me. I'll tell you what, I have a cat - she has some problems using a litter box but she's very soft - so we'll just trade. when you think about it, it's still cleaning up pee and poop, so it's kind of a fair trade.

  2. Happy birthday Knox!!! And yes- it really goes by way too fast. Hayden is 4 and it feels like it has been no time at all. I told him the other day that I was sad he wasn't a baby anymore and he said "I'm sorry mom... I just have to growed up." Oh and PS I laughed out loud at the "this is what sugar does to a 1 year old" picture... Knox's face is priceless!!!