Thursday, October 21, 2010

Knox's 1 Year Pics

Disclaimer: This post is written by an incredibly biased, absolutely in-love-with-her-precious-family momma :)

What do you get when you have one stunningly beautiful baby boy and a great friend who is also a great photographer??


Neither Kurt nor I love being in pictures ourselves, but it is always so worth it to have these lifelong treasures in pictures. I don't know about Kurt, but I for one feel unbelievably blessed to have such an amazing family; and seeing these pictures just reminds me of GOD'S ABUNDANT, OVERWHELMING LOVE for us. I'm floored by it!

Of course, the pictures I love most are the ones of just Kurt and Knox - seeing my sweet boys together makes my heart melt.

Especially this one...


Then there are the ones of just me with my sweet little boy - ain't nothin' sweeter than a momma and her tough guy!

But, of course, our favorite ones are of just sweet little Woog all by himself. (Not sure if I've ever mentioned this before, but the nickname that has seemed to stick for Knox is "Woog"...started as "Booger Wooger," got shortened to "Wooger," then stayed as just good ole "Woog.") And out of the 308 pictures on the CD, these are just a few of our prepared - there are still lots :)

This is BY FAR my favorite: captures his personality perfectly!

For daddy's desk at work:

Go Blazers!

Not sure why I love that one, but he looks so sweet and peaceful.

Then, of course, we have a few of all three of us:


This is such a mischievious little face...

And I just love this look:

Now, no photoshoot would be complete without some hysterical outtakes...

I just don't even know....


we're falling...





  1. you're all so photogenic! I love the outtakes too. nice. you know one of the things I love about that baby? he never wears shoes!!!! I think that's just the sweetest, most southernest thing. I have no idea why, but overalls and bare feet just screams "country boy!" love it, love all of you.

  2. those are beauiful!!!! i love the pictures. I love the one of yall holding his hands and its just your legs and all of knox. he is PRECIOUS! he is sooooo photogenic! love that boy.

  3. I was going to thank you, Jill, for dressing him in the overalls.....Patrice said it all! You know how I used to dress Clay and Kurt in overalls......Knox is even cuter than they were! Love the "no-shoes" too.

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  5. ohhhh my gosh he looks like a mini kurt! see i can't come to this page more than once a month i get so emotional!!! you know Toliver shares a birthday with Terrell and my Pastor? That means he's gonna be a strong-minded determined man who knows where he's going in life ;-D