Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Selfish Blogger" and Knox Gets a Hose-Down!

I've decided to dub myself a "selfish blogger" - i.e. I will wake up early every.single.morning to drink my coffee and catch up on all of my favorite blogs; but when it's time to update mine, I think of every excuse in the book to not do it.  Why is that?!  I really do think that it boils down to the fact that typing something semi-creative and entertaining is flat out daunting lately.  Perhaps I've used all of my brain cells incubating this baby and trying to raise a wild little-man successfully?  Yes, let's go with that excuse :)

Truth be told - LOTS has been happening around the Thomas household lately.  We are obviously anxiously awaiting the arrival of sweet baby Lucas any day now; and in the mean time, we are cherishing every minute with Knox as an only child.  He is very excited about "Cucus" (the "L" sound is evidently very hard for kiddos to say!!), but that might change once he's actually here - ha!  We know how "easy" life is right now with Knox in a great routine, sleeping 12+ hours each night and 3 hours each day...but we are prepared for the first few tough weeks of having a newborn (are you really ever ready??).  

So with all the waiting, we have successfully done the following: cleaned out all closets in the house, painted and decorated the nursery/guest room, cleaned out drawers, washed all new and old baby clothes, reorganized the playroom/office, sanitized all old baby stuff (infant car seat, bouncy seat, swing, etc.), moved around/reorganized furniture in master bedroom, cleaned the garage, and many many many more tasks that I'm sure Lucas will be very thankful for once he's here - right???  The astonishing thing is that we've gotten all of this done while both Kurt and I have been working (I got a part-time job as a tutor through the Athletic Department at UAB) and while he has been traveling (to Bloomington, Des Moines, and NYC most recently).  Whew!  Busy, busy!!

We have definitely had time for some fun, too, though.  For instance, a few weeks ago, I met my friend, Ann Wade, and her fur-baby, Sadie, at the park so the doggies could get some exercise.  It has been brutally hot here, so we let the dogs play in the hose.  Turns out, Knox LOVED the hose!  And, sweet AW (during her time off) busted out her camera to take some of my favorite pictures of Knox to date.  

Love love love this sweet-natured, energetic little boy.  He is going to be a GREAT big brother to Lucas, we have no doubt!

Tomorrow, I'll update with some pictures of Lucas's nursery; and Thursday, I'll update everyone with my 37-week appointment.  Did I mention I was already 4cm dilated at my 36-week appointment?!  This baby is a-comin' quick!!!!


  1. This pictures are priceless!

  2. you know, I always comment on these in my google buzz feed so maybe you never see them!! here's what I said this morning:

    selfish blogger? there is no such thing. there are so many things I love about this post. first, those pictures are fantastic. second, "fur baby". never heard that but I love it. third, all the stuff you got done, amazing. and last, but not least, 4 cm dilated. mel told me over the weekend. exciting!!

  3. YAY! love sweet Knox and can't wait to see the nursery pics!!