Friday, July 22, 2011

Let's Make This Fun, Shall We?

Since I'll undoubtedly be waiting for some undisclosed amount of time for Lucas to arrive, I say we make a contest out of it!

If you want to participate, just comment on this post with what DATE you think he'll finally join our world!  You can say today (since there are a lot of hours left in this day - and I may make you my new best friend for giving me some hope!!) or any other date hereafter.

I'll even give away* something to the winner - I just don't know what yet.  Kisses from Knox?  (He gives the BEST hugs and kisses!)  Chocolate?  Startbucks?  I'll think of something...

Just a head's up:  his "actual" due date is August 11th.  But, keep in mind that I have already been 4cm dilated for at least a week.  Seriously, the "could be any time" mantra I keep telling random strangers is getting olllllddddddd quick.

OK, start guessing!!!  (I have a guess, too, but I can't decide if I should post it or not?  What do you think?)

*I am editing this word because, in the middle of the night while racing to the potty for the 1,000 time because of the 16lb. baby resting on my bladder, I realized that "giveaway" is a noun, and I needed to use a verb here (to "give" something away).  Yes, I just exposed my absolute nerdom to the world.  I like grammar.  Good thing since I have a Masters degree to teach it to high schoolers one day!


  1. jill, I love you, and I know you're 4 cm dilated, and I know you want it to be over...but I'm going to have to say.... 7/30 (missing jarrett by one day, which is good, no one has to share).

  2. My vote is still August 2.....11 days from today...Kurt's Nana's birthday.

  3. August 1st. I want hugs and kisses from KNOX! And Cucus :)

  4. July 28....I can't wait for that sweet baby to get here!

  5. Nerdom for sure! Isay august 3rd? Sorry!

  6. Congrats... August 5th... love your blog, just ran across it!