Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Seriously, Time Flies!

I'm not sure if it flies by faster when you're having fun, when you're sleep deprived, or maybe both!  But the past 6 1/2 weeks have truly flashed before our eyes.  All of a sudden, Lucas is just over 6 weeks old, and Knox is just days away from being a 2-year-old.  How did that happen already?!

So, what have we been up to the past 6 weeks?  If you've ever had a newborn, then you pretty much know: feed, change diapers, repeat every 2.5-3 hours around the clock.  Not much sleep happens; but, we know it's worth it, and we know it's temporary.  We WILL sleep day...soon...right??  (If not, just don't tell us!)

I always remember Jordan telling us when Knox was born that we just needed to make it to the 6-week mark - things would get better.  She was right back then, and she was right again this time.  We're still not getting tons of sleep; but Lucas is smiling, cooing, and even giggling occasionally.  And let me tell you, amidst tears in the middle of the night (my tears, not his), when I see that little smile, it is ALL worth it.  See, look how cute!

In other big news, Knox started school (i.e. Mother's Day Out) last week - he calls it "cool."  So cute.  And he LOVES it.  He found a little girlfriend (he tells me how "cute" she is all the time); and he's already learning a ton.  We wanted him to go for two reasons: (1) He's at the age where he REALLY needed some peer interaction.  He was craving it, and he seems to thrive on it.  (2) I'm working part-time at UAB as a tutor and from my house doing private tutoring, so it frees me up a little to do just that.  I do miss having my little guy at home some days, though.  He is always cracking me up.  I'll have to do an entirely separate post on all of the funny things he's doing these days.  He's a constant source of entertainment in our house!

We got Knox a Star Wars backpack, and he is OBSESSED.  Guess what he's dressing up as this year for Halloween? :)

The best thing for us lately is seeing how very much Knox loves Lucas.  We had about a week and a half where it seemed like Knox was struggling with the addition of his brother - he woke up a few times in the middle of the night with nightmares, and he was acting out a bit more.  But it was short-lived, and he really is obsessed with the "baby."  It is awesome.  I was telling my sister, Jennifer, about Knox's behavior problems, and she said the sweetest thing: "Doesn't he know that having a sibling is the best thing that has ever happened to him?"  She's so right - he may not know it yet, but he will one day. One day soon, Knox and Lucas will be as close as Jennifer and me, or Jackie and me.   I love my sisters.

Knox loves to help burp the baby and everyone else these days!

Getting ready to watch the Vols.  Knox loves Smokey, or "Po-pey" as he says.

That is NOT a cigarette.  It is the medicine dropper to give Lucas gripe water.  Kurt made me clarify :)

Don't let me fool you - things aren't always peachy.  (Don't you hate when you read blogs that make it seem like everything is so easy and wonderful?)  I LOVE our life and where we are right now; but we most certainly have our bad days.  Like yesterday.  It just plain sucked.  And my negative attitude affected everything.  It's like a cancer.  I kept trying to talk to God about it, but I could only say individual words to Him through tears while hooked up to that annoying pump - I just kept saying, "Abandoned.  Exhausted.  Alone."  I guess those were the words the Enemy kept whispering to me.  But GOD said, "My mercies are new every morning."  And they are.  I'm so thankful for that.  Today was a new day.  We still have some crappy days; but God's promises remain true.  Today.  Tomorrow.  Forever.

Hanging out on the screened-in porch enjoying the cooler weather.  Always carrying around his baseball bat.

One day Rosie will love Knox as much as he loves her!

I have lots more I'd love to blog about: my version of Lucas' birth story (didn't you love Kurt's post??  He's pretty awesome, that guy!); funny stuff Knox does; and other tidbits of our lives.  Hopefully I'll make it a habit to find more time to blog in my spare time - maybe in the middle of the night with a crying, gassy baby!  Those would be some comical posts ;)


  1. oh my God, jill. I love your family. I just love all of you. I love your life and your kids and your dedication and your outlook. and your dog. and your sisters! and your mom. and the rest of the family.

    I'm just glad to get to watch you guys as you go through your journeys.