Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lucas David Thomas

Lucas David Thomas arrived here on August 1, 2011 at 4:46pm.  He weighed 7lb 15oz, and was 20.25in long.  I won't go into any finer details about Jill's labor, but compared to when she had Knox, this one was fairly easy (don't hate on her, those of you ladies that had long labors).  Jill and Lucas left the hospital very healthy.  You'll see from the pictures that Lucas looks exactly like Knox did when he was born.   I know, I know most new born babies look similar; red, swollen, wrinkly.  But, they do look slightly different from each other (especially to happy parents).  But Knox and Lucas looked EXACTLY alike when they were both born.  Considering his mom and I think he's a pretty good looking kid, hopefully that bodes well for little Lucas.

It's been a week and a half since he was born, and Jill already says it's hard to believe life without him.  It's true.  We haven't slept much, and quickly remember all the tough times when Knox was first born.  But it really is amazing how much you remember, and how quickly you fall back into the old routines of washing bottles, standing over the crib with one finger in a pacifier for 20min hoping he falls asleep, etc.  It doesn't seem as hard as it did the first time, and you KNOW the rewards to look forward to (like their first smile, holding the bottle by themselves, eating solid foods, crawling, walking and in Knox's case, doing track block starts over and over and over and over again).

I'll answer the most basic questions people have for us.  Knox has been an amazing big brother.  He really loves his "be-be", and wants to drag his Elmo step stool everywhere to "help" change a diaper, watch you feed him.  He is so gentle with Lucas, and always wants to look at him and wants to know if we are including him in things ("be-be?").  He has been slightly more needy, and thrown one or two little tantrums, but overall it could be worse.  Plus we expect some behavior change from time to time.  I really don't think he will ever take a back seat to anyone.  Knox has too much personality.  Rosie has done really well.  I guess it's not such a major change when she's had almost 2 years of being the low man on the totem pole.  And know she's one notch lower.  She is curious about Lucas, but in a good way.  With Knox she was in denial, and mostly just stayed away from him.  Overall the Thomas household is doing great.  We are just adjusting, but enjoying it.  Here are some pics of Lucas, and the rest of us.  Enjoy.