Monday, May 4, 2009

Another appointment with Dr. Hoover

Today was our third time to meet with Dr. Hoover. The first appointment was overwhelming, with tons and tons of questions about our medical histories, blood work, etc. etc. etc. I didn't know what to expect at our second appointment - and well, frankly, it was quick, painless, and BO-RING. I didn't come prepared at all! So this time, I was going to surprise her and be uber-prepared. (Kurt may have been embarrassed, but it's ok!). First, we started off with me getting weighed - always the highlight of these visits...NOT! Luckily, I've only gained about 8lbs so far, but my appetite is getting bigger and bigger, so this slow steady weight gain will likely take a turn for the worse soon!

Afterwards, we got a chance to listen to Burrito's heart beat. It was loud and clear, and nice and steady at 150 bpm. Supposedly, there's an old wives tale that says a slow heart rate (140 or lower) indicates that it will be a boy, while a fast heart rate (160 or higher) indicates that it will be a girl. So of course, we were right in the middle at 150...dangit! I want to know if it's Burrito or Burrita so bad! We'll know soon enough, though (only three more weeks - May 26th!).

After getting to hear the heart beat, I then inundated Dr. Hoover with my multitude of questions ranging from the ridiculous ("what is up with my skin and how can I remedy this acne?") to the serious ("is sleeping on my back really restricting the blood flow and nutrients via umbilical cord to the baby?"). By the way, she said there is nothing I can do about this skin crap (thanks to the lovely influx of progesterone (hormones) in my body; and after week 22, sleeping on my back really can be dangerous for the baby. Crazy, huh?

So, that's that! Overall, another great appointment! I'm almost 18 weeks along now, slowly creeping to that half-way point in the pregnancy. And as each day passes, I grow more and more excited to meet this precious baby in my belly. I can't wait!

P.S. Say prayers for my sweet friend Jenn Matwijec who was induced today - she should be having Callie Monroe any minute now! I cannot wait to meet her! She will either be Burrita's future best friend, or Burrito's future girlfriend :)

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