Thursday, May 28, 2009

The day I had been waiting for!

The days and weeks leading up to Monday, May 26th seemed to drag on and on - it was like waiting for Christmas morning as a kid. I could NOT WAIT any longer. I knew that on that day at 9:45 am, I would be told whether I was carrying a baby boy or a baby girl. I had suspected from day one that it was a boy - and I was nearly 100% certain about it, too! And then Jenn and Mike had Callie, and after seeing her, holding her, and being around her, my dreams suddenly changed to all girl, all the time. I was, needless to say, so confused and SO eager to know for sure. So when the ultrasound technician called us back, I nearly sprinted back to the room with her. I think Kurt was equally as excited as I was - after all, we had been waiting for this moment for nearly 21 weeks now!

So, I laid back, got the cold goo slathered on my big ole belly, and got to see Baby Burrito wiggling around. What a sight?! I have been feeling the baby move around a lot lately, so it was even more exciting to actually witness it. This kid moves around, A LOT. The first things we saw were the feet and hands (see below):

I know I'm biased, but aren't those the cutest feet and hands you've ever seen?! :)

And then, we got the news we had suspected all along. The nurse said, "Do you want to know what you're having?" Which of course we said "yes" to (we may have actually yelled at her rather than merely responding, but who's judging!) She pointed to the screen and said, "there's the legs, and there's his penis and scrotum." Sooooo....WE'RE HAVING A BOY!!!

The sad part is that I had to ask Kurt later what the heck "scrotum" is. Really?? How am I going to be the mother of a boy not knowing what "scrotum" is?! Ha!!

This series of pictures might be favorite - the second one in particular is so clear, and I'm so in love with his little face!!

And then, we got another fabulous surprise when she pulled out another "wand" for the ultrasound - we got to have one of those incredible 4D ultrasounds that I've always heard about. It is absolutely unbelievable how clear you can see this sweet baby boy in the pictures. I hope it comes out as clear on screen as they do in person.

It looks like he's sucking his thumb...and I think he looks quite cozy in my belly. I hope not too cozy 'cause I simply CANNOT WAIT for him to come out and play with me!!
So week 20 was most definitely the most exciting part of this pregnancy so far! We are beyond thrilled to be having a baby; but now knowing that it's a boy is even more joyous. There aren't many boys on my side of the family, and Lord knows poor Kurt needs some more testosterone in his life. I hope this baby looks like Kurt - he'll be so handsome. Quite the ladies' man :)
Just for the sake of posting more embarrassing stuff about myself, here's the latest picture of my belly. Seriously, I don't know how many more I'll want to take - I think they get increasingly uglier and uglier. But it's all good - this family (me, Kurt and Rosie) is already so in love with Burrito we can hardly stand it!


  1. you barely look pregnant!!!!!

    oh, those pictures are fantastic. 4D! I'm so excited for you...

    and lady, you need to get yourself some books on boys. I nominate "Scrotum" as this baby's new middle name.


  2. What belly?! You make me sick!! :)
    Congrats on the little boy!

  3. i agree with patrice, i think burriot scorotum thoms has a nice ring to it! ha. you dont even have a belly...and i can't believe you are showing so much skin! go Jilly!

  4. SO excited!!! A BOY!!!! Congrats!

  5. The love in my heart cannot be expressed in mere words! My boys (men) are the heart and soul of my life......and now my first grandson! Life is such a wonder! And I can actually see him "in utero" The pictures are incredible! This little "Burrito Canolli Thomas" is so loved and eagerly anticipated!

  6. You look great Jill and congrats on a baby boy!!!

  7. Congratulations Jill!!! I love th 4d cool! You look amazing! Are you sure you are 21 weeks already?!? Can't wait to see you again! Love you!

    Kelly, Curtis and Laney

  8. Congratulations Jill! I love the 4d cool! You look amazing! Are you sure you are 21 weeks already?!? I can't wait to see you again! Love you!

    Kelly, Curtis and Laney

  9. I am so excited for you sweet Jill! What a lucky boy!!