Thursday, July 23, 2009

Road Trip!

We have been traveling all over the country the past few days, and it has been a whirlwind! Last Thursday, Kurt and Rosie took off in the CRV for Dallas. I flew to Lubbock on Friday morning where they picked me up, and the three of us drove to Hobbs, NM together - Kurt's hometown. We visited with his dad, his wife (Anita), her three girls, and their kids (Tol & Anita's 8 grandkids!!). The best part of our stay in Hobbs was getting to see the amazing gift that Tol is making for us - little Toliver Knox's crib. What an amazing talent he has?! And this crib will be such a treasure in our family for years and years to come. I cannot wait to have a house to put the crib in...and I can't wait for baby Toliver Knox to come out and sleep in his crib!

Sunday morning, we packed up and headed north towards Albuquerque to see Kurt's brother, Clay (better known as "Uncle Pud"). Rather than taking the most efficient and easy way up, we decided to take the road less traveled. We stopped in Cloudcroft, NM, which is unbelievably gorgeous! You think of New Mexico and you think of desert, right? Not here! It's way up high in the mountains and is as beautiful as any place I had ever seen.

Leaving Cloudcroft, on the descent down the mountain, you can see White Sands, NM in the distance. This is where the first Transformers movie was filmed.
You can barely see it out in the distance, but it is quite a sight!
After one night in Albuquerque, we drove up to Pagosa Springs, CO to see Kurt's mom and her husband, Ed. They live in this quaint little mountain town, and we have visited three different Christmases. But this was our first time there in the Summer. And it is still breathtaking! We got to go hike with Rosie, and she LOVED it.

One of our other favorite places to see while in Pagosa is the overlook near Wolf Creek. It has some of the most spectacular views. The pictures don't even do it justice, but I'll try!

BUT, as if this place wasn't already special enough...Kurt did one of the most amazing, surprising, and romantic things ever...

(We had to re-create the proposal and had a little old man take a picture for us...he nearly fainted with excitement!!)

Needless to say, this road trip has been exhausting and INCREDIBLY EXHILARATING and surprising! I couldn't be happier!!
Kurt's mom (Roberta) and I just landed in Nashville, where Kurt and Rosie will be joining us tomorrow. We'll spend the weekend here with my family, and then head back to Birmingham on Sunday...gotta get back to reality! And maybe even start planning a wedding - yay!!


  1. Congrats Jill! Post a pic of the rock! :)

  2. YAY!!! best wishes jill. congrats kurt! woo hoo. i was curious about the pic...the recreation is fabulous! ha!!

  3. I am SO excited that you are joining the Hobbs family! It's about time to make it official! I love you both and can't wait for the weddin'!

  4. CONGRATS!!! I am so excited for you :O)!

  5. I'll have to admit that was pretty romantic of my son to take you to the Wolf Creek over-look. I couldn't be happier for you both! The excitement just keeps on growing.....and I don't just mean Toliver Knox! Love and Hugs to my Birmingham family!