Monday, January 4, 2010

Better late than never (I guess!)

Inspired by The Elkins Family's most recent blog, I thought I would also post some pictures from our trip to Philadelphia for Christmas. After all, it was Knox's first Christmas and first plane ride - two rather big milestones in his sweet, short life! While I don't have pictures from the airport or the plane (really nothing special there...), I do have a ton of pictures from our trip and from the few weeks surrounding Christmas. So here goes nothin'!

Even though Knox won't really remember this Christmas or really understand what the heck was going on, he was still spoiled with lots and lots and lots of gifts! His sweet Nana and Ed sent him some pretty cool stuff from Colorado:

That is one of those awesome turtles that illuminates the stars and constellations on the ceiling for Knox to stare at. I think that is so cool!

And here is daddy helping Knox open a new book - I love that Nana was a teacher, too, so she understands my love of reading and desire that Knox has that same love!

Speaking of "a love of reading", Nana also got daddy and Knox a subscription to Sports Illustrated! I'm pretty sure he'll enjoy that more than any of the books I'd prefer he read. But hey! Reading is reading, right??

And this shirt just says it all...

"There's no place like Colorado...except Grandma's!" So true! Thanks Nana and Ed for all of the wonderful Christmas gifts!

After having our own mini-Christmas as a family in our first house (yes, LOTS to be thankful for in 2009!!!), we drove up to Nashville on the 23rd to have Christmas with my dad and his wife, Kristin. We had a great Christmas dinner, complete with GREAT wine. They also spoiled us and Knox absolutely rotten! Sadly, I didn't take a single darn picture from that night!!

On Christmas Eve, after a weather scare that threatened to strand us in Chicago for Christmas with a 12 week old baby (wouldn't that have been fun! Thank you, Uncle Buck, for getting us there!!), we finally made it to Philadelphia! My cousin, Jarrett's two kids (Ethan, 6 1/2, and Lucy, 4) both made Christmas morning SO. MUCH. FUN. There is nothing like seeing kids that age so utterly excited. It made us SO pumped for when Knox is that age one day! Here are the kiddos opening gifts at Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop's house (that's my Aunt Mel and Uncle Buck) - and yes, we had a white Christmas - love it!

Ethan and Lucy gave Knox a great little gift. They absolutely LOVED Knox...they called him "Knoxy" - hysterical!

And one of the more comical things that happened on Christmas morning...

"Poopy Reindeer Butt", as Ethan and Lucy called it. Yes, Knox had a minor blow-out. Sorry, mom-mom!! ;)

Knox was definitely not short on love or attention while we were there...

You think they're smitten??

Since Kurt had never gotten to experience Philadelphia with me and my family, we wanted to do it right. So what does that mean? E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES! We couldn't get tickets to the actual game (they played, and beat, the Broncos that weekend), but we were able to tailgate with Jarrett, his girlfriend, Patrice, and the wild fans!

And here are just a few additional pics of my sweet baby boy because, well, he's just that stinkin' cute!

Look at those CHEEKS!!!

And finally, one of my new all-time favorite pictures:

I hope they're best friends forever!


  1. so cute! I love the poopy reindeer butt! Callie does too!

  2. So sweet!! And thanks for the shout out :).

  3. yay for pics of knox! i love them. my mom always said, "as long as your reading, i dont care what it is". go cynthie!