Monday, January 25, 2010

Travelin' Fools

Knox and I have been all over the southeast in the past week. First, we took a last minute trip down to Watercolor (near Seaside, FL) with Lindsay Swain and her two youngest kiddos - Savannah (3) and Brennyn (8 months). To say that our time there was good is just an understatement. Time with Lindsay is simply good for the soul. We talked about everything and nothing. I could literally post about six different blogs about all the things I learned from her in our 4 short days there. I love hearing her heart and about all the things God is teaching her. She walks so closely with the Lord and is so in tune with His voice, it is just awesome to see.

We spent most of the time in our jammies; we drank lots of coffee and some wine; we took lots of walks; and we got to sit on the beach a couple of days. Knox saw the ocean for the first time - although, he slept through it the first day :)

Savannah-Banana rode her bike 3 WHOLE MILES to Starbucks one day! She's a champ!!

This is beautiful baby Brennyn. She and Knox LOVED each other!

The babies sitting on the beach - this day was cold and rainy. Knox slept - didn't miss too much!

Such a ham! She really is a joyful little girl.

Sweet mommy and daughter time.

Yup - sleeping.

We also walked to Seaside a couple of days. Savannah is such a goof-ball!

We had an ice-cream eating dance party in the middle of Seaside. We caused quite a commotion. (Notice the chocolate ice cream smear on her forehead - it was there for several days. Love this girl - ain't afraid of getting dirty!)

Savannah is such a good big sister, too. She loved Knoxy (yes, just like Lucy giving him the same nickname!)

This is pretty much how we spent every morning - laying on the floor watching Strawberry Shortcake. I know all the words to the songs now, thankyouverymuch.


I just love this picture. Good bonding by the sea.

Three of the beautiful Swain girls.
Thank you, Linds, for the invite! Can we go back now???
When we got back, our sweet friend, Teri, came to visit from Dallas. Unfortunately, the circumstances weren't very positive (she was in town for a funeral); but nevertheless, we very much enjoyed our short time with her. She FINALLY got to meet Knox, and Knox loved her! They're gonna be best buds long as she doesn't try to tell him that the Cowboys are America's Team...that's just garbage ;)

Come visit again soon, Teri!! We love you!
After only being home for about 24 hours, Knox and I jumped back in the car and drove up to East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, TN for Kurt's track meet. We had missed daddy so much, we couldn't stand to be away from him any longer.


We were also able to visit with Kurt's Nanni while in East Tennessee. She had collapsed in her bathroom last week and suffered a concussion (they think - they're still trying to run some tests to figure out exactly what happened, but they did rule out a stroke. Prayers are appreciated!!) It was so wonderful to get to see her and spend some quality time with Kurt's family there. We just love them.

We don't have any other road trips planned yet; but I now know that Knox does excellent in the car, so that means we're up for it any time! Anyone else wanna go to the beach?? Let's go!


  1. Yes, please! Maybe we can talk Uncle Bob into letting us do a weekend down there soon. Have a great day and give me a call later so we can catch up! XOXO

  2. so i just realized i havent called you back. i suck! so sorry. the pics are great! knox looks just like you in the pic of him sleeping on the beach! love it!

  3. I love these pictures! So sweet! I can't wait to see you in less than two weeks!!!